The Florence Police Department has approximately 126 employees. This includes sworn officers, communications officers, clerks, secretary's, and civilian public service officers. In addition to paid employees, the department has a volunteer program, Volunteers In Police Service, with approximately 18 members at the present time.

To insure that the services offered to the community are delivered in an efficient, effective manner, the department is organized into two Bureaus. The Bureaus consist of Divisions which in turn consist of numerous Units. All employees and volunteers are assigned to one or more Units within the department.

The two Bureaus are each under the direction of a Deputy Chief of Police. They are the Field Operations Bureau and the Support Services Bureau. The Field Operations Bureau consist of four Patrol Divisions and the Investigations Division while the Support Services Bureau consist of the Staff Services Division. Each Division is under the command of a Captain.

The four Patrol Divisions work twelve hour shifts, three days per week and alternate Saturdays. They are organized into Primary and Secondary Units, which vary according to whether the Division is a day or night assignment. Primary Units include Patrol, Traffic, and K-9. Secondary Units include Special Operations, Dive & Rescue, Explosive Devices, Bike Patrol, and Mounted Patrol. In addition, officers also serve in secondary assignments including Community Policing, Intoxilyzer Operators, Crime Scene Technicians, and Community Mental Health Officers.

The Investigations Division includes the Criminal Investigation Division and Special Investigation Division. Assignments in Criminal Investigation include Crimes Against Property, Family Violence, Juvenile, White Collar, and Evidence. The Captain over the Investigations Division serves as the departments Internal Affairs Officer. There is one Lieutenant in the Division who supervises the Criminal Investigation Division.

The Staff Services Division includes the Communications, Records, Fleet Maintenance, Parking Enforcement, and the Community Policing Unit.  Assignments in the Community Policing Unit include School Resource Officers, Community Police Officers, and officers assigned to the Housing Authority.  The V.I.P.s. program is also coordinated under this Division. There are two Lieutenants in this Division who supervise assigned Units.

The clerical staff is under the supervision of the Administrative Assistant to the Chief. Other secondary assignments not restricted by primary assignment include Identi-Kit Specialist, Emergency Medical Technicians, Police Trainers/Instructors, and Aviation.