Special announcement: Come to Florence in May!

We are hugely pleased to have been asked to come to Alabama and participate in Florence Restaurant Week next month from May 9 – 17. The event is organized by Florence Main Street, who explain, “Historic downtown Florence, Alabama, is a unique and wonderful place. Florence Main Street is a non-profit organization designed to keep it that way! Main Street’s mission is to bring attention to the unique character of Florence’s historic commercial district while promoting progressive marketing and retail management techniques.

I first visited Florence and its neighboring cities Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, and Tuscumbia last year while on my third “circumnavigation” and came home raving about the place. Florence has an absolutely adorable little downtown, full of independently-owned restaurants and shops. Home of the University of North Alabama, it doesn’t quite have a classic “college town” feel – Pegasus Records looks like it goes a little way toward rectifying that and I can’t wait to browse – but it’s sleepy and busy at the same time, with wonderful architecture and good people. Sam Phillips and W.C. Handy were both born here. This town has music in its roots. Across the river – and a downright gorgeous truss bridge – is Muscle Shoals, home of the legendary FAME Recording Studios. (Confusingly, the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, where the Black Keys’ excellent album Brothers was recorded, is not actually in the town of that name, but next door in Sheffield…) Plus, you’ve got a children’s museum that we can’t wait to check out, and the Alabama Music Hall of Fame in Tuscumbia. You know how that terrific Georgia Music Hall of Fame in Macon shut down? They didn’t let that happen here.

Anyway, I like what I’ve seen of this corner of northwest Alabama a lot, and had some very good meals here, and so I’m absolutely thrilled and pleased that we’ve been invited to town along with a few other southeastern bloggers for Florence Restaurant Week, and I sure would appreciate it if you’d click on that link and read a little more about it. It’s a terrific way to support local charities by eating out at locally-owned restaurants, and through the end of April, they’re taking nominations for charities to get a chance to win $5000, courtesy of McDaniel Window & Door Company. Some details continue in the press release below.

We’re taking this opportunity now to spread the word and to encourage our readers to think about visiting the Shoals area next month. During the nine days of Florence Restaurant Week, you’ll be able to enjoy good meals at the fifteen participating restaurants and cast a vote for the charity of your choice each time that you dine. The more times that you eat, the more times you can cast a ballot. And we certainly like to eat. We’ll be there for a couple of days, digging into a few good meals and getting material for what should be quite a few stories to share. And we sure would love to see you there, too! Whether you’re one of our readers, looking for something different to do and a road trip to a new destination, or if you’re one of our fellow bloggers, looking for a new patch of ground to write about, this is a great place to visit, and one that has been overlooked in our hobby for long enough. There is some terrific barbecue here, and lots of interesting restaurants, old and new. We can’t wait to dig in!

So next month, plan to see us tweeting and making Facebook updates as we visit the city and spend a bit more time in one place than we typically do on a trip. I expect that we’ll have a nice bit of content for the end of May to share with you all. I really hope that you’ll think about joining us! Be sure to visit the site for Florence Restaurant Week to see which other bloggers from Alabama and Tennessee will be writing about the Quad Cities, and check them out, too!

Article courtesy of Marie, Let’s Eat!