City Government

Florence has a city council form of government with a mayor and six council members who each serve a four-year term.  Council members are elected from six single-member districts, and the mayor is elected separately.

City Council Business

City Council Contacts

City Council District Maps:
The City of Florence is broken into six (6) voter districts with an elected city council member representing each district.

kaytrina dick bill
Kaytrina P. Simmons
District 1
District 1 Telephone
(256) 760-6401

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William (Dick) Jordan
Council President/District 2
District 2 Telephone
(256) 760-6402

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Bill Griffin
District 3
District 3 Telephone
(256) 760-6403

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michelle blake jimmy
Michelle Rupe Eubanks
District 4

District 4 Telephone
(256) 760-6404
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Blake Edwards
District 5

District 5 Telephone
(256) 760-6405
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Jimmy Oliver
District 6

District 6 Telephone
(256) 760-6406
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