Florence Beautification Board

Florence Beautification Board


The Florence Beautification Board serves to enrich the quality of life in the City of Florence by recognizing businesses and other local entities for outstanding landscape design and enhancements to their properties and by sponsoring programs and activities to beautify the City and to raise awareness about best practices for the urban landscape.
       The mission of the Florence Beautification Board is
  1.  To act in an advisory capacity to the Mayor and City Council in matters relating to public improvements and beautification of the City of Florence,
  2.  To promote and initiate public interest in the general improvement of the appearance of the City through various programs and activities, 
  3. To assist businesses, organizations, public bodies, and individuals in their requests for beautification action and measures, and 
  4. To grant beautification awards or letters of recognition to businesses, organizations, public bodies, and individuals for their outstanding landscape designs.

 For inquiries about the Florence Beautification Board, contact
Office of the Mayor
City of Florence
110 West College Street
Florence, AL 35630
Tel.  256-760-6400
Email:  mmurphy@florenceal.org



Board Members

Chair:              Brenda Tease

Vice Chair:      Kathryn MacNeil    

 Secretary:       David Doroh                                   

                        Vivian Bulls
                        Maple Garner
                        Jay Harding
                               Dee Hubbard
                        Belinda Bussell
                        Margaret McCloy
                        Kristin Seabol
                        Brenda Tease
                        Joy Baker                                                                                                       

Advisor:        Craig Thompson, City of Florence


2022 Award Recipients

2022 First Place Winners

 Advanced Claims Concepts, Inc.
Burger King Restaurant - Florence Blvd
CB&S Bank  -  Hough Road
Highland Baptist Church
Jack’s Restaurant - Florence Blvd
Johnson and Mahan Dental
McDonald's Restaurant - Cloverdale Rd
Mister Car Wash - Cloverdale Rd
North Alabama Medical Center
Norvell and Associates, PC
Simpson's Collision Center
Singing River Cancer Center
Taziki's Restaurant
The Wood Floor
Wilson Dental

Mayor's Award

Deibert Park


Honor Roll Recipients 

In 2007, The Beautification Board began recognizing properties that had won the first-place award for five consecutive years with an Honor Roll Award. The City of Florence thanks the property owners especially for their efforts in keeping their landscaping and buildings in outstanding condition throughout the years.

University of North Alabama – 2007
The Assurance Group, Inc. – 2008
Bank Independent  -  Darby Drive – 2008
Deibert Park – 2008
Marriott Shoals Hotel & Spa – 2009
Burger King - Cox Creek Pkwy – 2012
ity Episcopal Church – 2013
First Southern Bank  -  Court Street – 2014
William A. McClanahan, DMD – 2014
Bank Independent  -  South Pine Street – 2015
Woodmont Baptist Church – 2016
Keestone of Florence – 2017
McCutcheon and Hamner, P.C. – 2017
Williams Funeral Home – 2017
Alliance Title and Escrow, LLC – 2018
Bank Independent  -  Cox Creek Parkway – 2018
First Metro Bank  -  Cloverdale Road – 2018
Florence Eye Center  -  Cox Creek Parkway – 2018
Lauderdale County Teachers Credit Union – 2018
Progress Bank – 2018

Bohannon Services - 2019

Grogan Jewelers by Lon - 2019
Arby's Restaurant - Florence Blvd - 2020
Bank Independent - Florence Blvd - 2020
CB&S Bank - Pine St - 2020
First Metro Bank - Pine St - 2020
Lambert Ezell Durham Architecture, LLC - 2020
Lauderdale Lanes - 2020
Listerhill Credit Union - College St - 2020
McDonald's Restaurant - Florence Blvd - 2020
Red Lobster Restaurant - 2020
Texas Roadhouse Restaurant - 2020
Rick's BBQ Restaurant - Cox Creek Pkwy - 2021
BBVA Compass Bank - Cox Creek Pkwy - 2021

Papa John's Pizza - 2021
Shoals Hearing Clinic, P.C. - 2021
TASUS Corporation - 2021
Teena Jeffreys McLaughlin, DMD - 2021
Teresa & Associates Day Spa and Salon, LLC - 2021
Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant - 2022

Chick-Fil-A Restaurant - 2022


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Criteria for Beautification Awards

Viewer’s first impression  1 – 5

Suitability of design to property  1 - 5
Focal points (entryways, ornaments, water features, etc.)  1 - 5

Neatness/Cleanliness, including driveways/walkways/absence of litter  1 – 5
Lawns mowed/edged  1 – 5
Flowerbeds healthy/free of weeds  1 – 5
Trees and shrubs properly pruned and maintained  1 – 5
 Scale:  30-35 – Top Awards
           25 – 29  Certificate



Official Flower of the City of Florence, Alabama


The crapemyrtle was adopted as the official flower of Florence, Alabama on March 1, 2000. As a result, the Florence Beautification Board has encouraged citizens and businesses alike to plant and nurture the crapemyrtle in their landscape.


Crapemyrtles come in a broad variety of flower color and size, some growing only 18 inches tall while others can grow in excess of 25 feet. Bloom time depends on the selection. Flowering occurs on the current season's growth. The flower color ranges from white to shades of pink, lavender and red. The beautiful bark is smooth but exfoliates to reveal colors of brown to gray.



It is essential to know the growth rate of any plant that is chosen for any particular spot. This is certainly true for plants in the home or business landscape. Crapemyrtles are no exception. They can grow very fast, with some varieties growing three feet a year. Always read the label that comes with the plant. This label can be so helpful in determining which crapemyrtle to choose.



Plant crapemyrtles in full sun. They grow best in moist, well-drained soil. They do not do well planted in a very wet location. Once established, they are drought tolerant. A 2 to 3 inch layer of surface mulch will help control weeds and moderate the soil temperature. Do not place mulch against the trunk of the tree.

To plant, dig a hole at least twice as wide and only as deep as the container in which it grew. If the roots are growing in a circle around the outside of the root ball, gently loosen them. The goal is to have the roots growing in an outward direction in order for them to reach out into the soil to get established. During the time following planting, it is necessary for the plant to have adequate water until the root system is well established. However, during periods of prolonged drought, supplemental watering and mulching are important. Water thoroughly and infrequently. The objective is to encourage the roots to grow deeper into the soil. Light and frequent watering only encourages the roots to stay near the surface where they dry out quickly, putting the plant in stress.



Crapemyrtles, particularly older varieties, are often susceptible to powdery mildew, which can form during warm days and cool nights and during long periods of dry weather. Typically, such mildew is disfiguring, but when severe it might keep the plant from blooming. The best defense is to choose trees that are newer selections from the National Arboretum and therefore least susceptible to the disease. Aphids are another problem. Aphids expel a sugary substance that can stick to the leaves and cause sooty mold. Sooty mold is a black, soot-like fungus. It is ugly and needs to be dealt with using an appropriate spraying practice. There are several Alabama Cooperative System publications available for reference. The County Extension Office is also a good source of information.


Crapemyrtles do not need to be heavily pruned. The removal of dead or diseased branches, or those that cross or rub, or any that are growing inward is usually all that is needed. Keeping the interior of the plant open encourages good air movement, which helps with fungal disease control. Seed heads may be removed to show the striking bark patterns. Suckers that form from the base of the plant need to be removed as they develop. Topping a crapemyrtle is never recommended. To do so only encourages the plant to produce spindly stems that cannot hold up the flowers.


When crapemyrtles are reduced to ugly stumps there may be hope to renew them to their more natural form. With renewal pruning, the entire plant is cut to within 1 to 2 inches from the ground. When new buds break, select the best 3 to 5 shoots, removing the rest. Keep removing the new shoots as they appear. It can take 3 to 5 years for the plant to recover.

   Beautification Programs and Activities – 2018-2020
 Beautification Awards2019



The annual awards ceremony for winners of the 2019 Beautification Award and
Honor Roll recognition was held at Trinity Episcopal Church on July 11.   

The City of Florence celebrated its Bicentennial Tree, which was donated by
the Florence Beautification Board, at a ceremony in Deibert Park.
The Beautification Board donated a bench to the City of Florence for
Wilson Park as a contribution to its recent renovation.

IMG_3339 2

                      Our 2020 Christmas tree is dedicated to Linda Van Sandt, a beloved member of the Florence Beautification Committee who sadly passed away this year.
                     Board members enjoyed working together to clean up the right-of-way along
                     South Court Street as they took part again in the annual city-wide Clean-up
                     Day in March.
The Beautification Board funded a redesigned and updated brochure for local businesses and homeowners on best practices for planting and caring for crapemyrtles, the official tree of the City of Florence.
Entrance plantings for Florence City Hall are provided by the Beautification Board.


Resources for the Urban Landscape

General Resources

Alabama Cooperative Extension System

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Alabama Cooperative Extension System
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U.S. Department of Agriculture

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Craig Thompson, City of Florence Urban Forestry Department
cthompson@florenceal.org    256-718-5027

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Plant Selection

 Missouri Botanical Garden’s Plant Finder Database

University of Connecticut Plant Database of Trees, Shrubs and Vines

 USDA Plant Database

 Cornell University Woody Plants Database

Michael Dirr. Manual of Woody Landscape Plants: Their Identification, Ornamental Characteristics, Culture, Propagation, and Uses. Stipes, Champaign, IL. 6th Ed., 2009.

Michael. Dirr’s Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs.
Timber Press, Portland, London. 1st Ed., 2011.

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Invasive Plant Atlas of the United States

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Trees Are Good - International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)
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Mulching Best Practices

"If you value trees, don't create the infamous mulch volcanoes."


Crape Myrtles
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"Crepe Nyrtle Pruning Step-by-Step" Southern Living Magazine
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