City Government

Florence has a city council form of government with a mayor and six council members who each serve a four-year term.  Council members are elected from six single-member districts, and the mayor is elected separately.

City Council Business

City Council Contacts

City Council District Maps:
The City of Florence is broken into six (6) voter districts with an elected city council member representing each district.

Kaytrina P. Simmons William (Dick) Jordan David P. Bradley, Jr.
Kaytrina P. Simmons
District 1
District 1 Telephone
(256) 760-6401

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William (Dick) Jordan
Council President/District 2
District 2 Telephone
(256) 760-6402

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David P. Bradley, Jr.
District 3
District 3 Telephone
(256) 760-6403

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Michelle Rupe Eubanks Blake Edwards Andrew Betterton
Michelle Rupe Eubanks
District 4

District 4 Telephone
(256) 760-6404
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Blake Edwards
District 5

District 5 Telephone
(256) 760-6405
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Andrew Betterton
District 6

District 6 Telephone
(256) 760-6406
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