Report Animal Cruelty


Cruelty and Neglect

Report Animal Cruelty 

Animals can't speak for themselves. They rely on humans like you who care about their well-being. If you know an animal that has been abandoned, neglected or mistreated, please let us know so we can investigate or direct you to the proper resource. Don't wait! A day can be an eternity for an animal in distress.

To report cruelty in the City of Florence, please call police dispatch at (256) 760-6610. To report cruelty in Lauderdale County call 911. We need the street address and zip code where the animal is located. Leaving a return phone number allows our Dispatcher to have animal control contact you for further information.

We take all reports of animal cruelty very seriously. All calls are completely confidential.

How to recognize animal cruelty:

  • Extremely thin, starving animals.
  • Wounds on the body.
  • Patches of missing hair.
  • Limping.
  • Dogs who are repeatedly left alone without food, water or shelter, often chained or locked up in a yard.
  • Animals that have been abandoned by their owner.
  • An owner striking, or otherwise physically abusing an animal.
  • Tick or flea infestations.
  • Flystrike -- open wounds on ears and/or nose caused by biting flies.
  • Animals with an injury or illness who have not received medical care.
  • Embedded collars/chains around the neck.
  • Animals whose hair is severely matted.
  • Intentionally fighting animals.