Listed below are the current policies and procedures of the Florence Police Department
Code of Ethics
Diversion Programs
Consular Notification
Legally Mandated Authority
Search and Seizure
Arrest Procedures
Use of Discretion
Bias Based Profiling
Use of Force
After Action Reporting
Geographical Boundaries
Concurrent Jurisdiction
Organizational Structure
Administrative Reporting Program
Agency Forms
Computer Software Policy
Command and Orders
Written Directives
Planning and Research
Goals and Objectives
Position Management System
Reserve and Part-Time Police Officer
Police Auxiliary Program
Fiscal Management
Department Property
Job Description, Classification and Analysis
Compensation and Benefits
Military Deployment and Reintegration
Line of Duty Deaths
Light Duty
Off Duty/Extra Duty Employment
Grievance Procedures
Code of Conduct
Employee Awards
Performance Improvement
Police Officer Selection Process
Field Training Program
Promotional Process
Performance Evaluations
Personnel Early Intervention System
Patrol Shift Administration
Special Purpose Vehicles
Agency Animals
Emergency Response and Pursuit of Motor Vehicles
Dealing with Persons with Mental Illness
Nalaxone Administration
Patrol Equipment
Personal Appearance and Uniform Regulations
Computer Usage Requirements/Mobile Data Access
Audio/Video Recording Equipment and Body Worn Cameras
Alabama Immigration Law
Criminal Investigations
Criminal Intelligence
Preliminary and Follow-Up Investigations
Police Informants
Vice and Organized Crimes
Juvenile Operations
Crime Prevention
All Hazards/Critical Incidents
Emergency Operations Plan
Active Threats
SWAT/Tactical Team
Crisis Negotiation Unit
Water Rescue and Recovery Team
Executive and Dignitary Protection
Special Events
Explosive Ordinance Disposal
Internal Investigations
Preventative Radiological/Nuclear Detection
Line Inspections
Public Information
Social Media
Victim/Witness Assistance
Notifications Next of Kin and Coroner
Uniform Traffic Enforcement
Traffic Stop Procedures
DUI Enforcement
Traffic Collision Investigation
Traffic Direction and Control
Vehicle Impoundment
Crash Reduction Program
Prisoner Transportation
Temporary Detention
Legal Process Warrants
Police Dispatch
Collection and Preservation of Evidence
Evidence and Property Control System