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  • 996D3245-1DD3-473D-AB4B-618A82D3A9FF_4_5005_cHandgun/Shotgun Instructor Course
    • 09/21/2020-09/25/2020 Florence (PD) AL
      • Course Fee: $50.00

 This school compresses the handgun instructor school to 3 days and adds 2 days of shotgun instructor training. Student classroom presentations, concealed-carry training, and unconventional shooting positions are replaced with shotgun marksmanship and handling classroom presentations and range work. Shotgun drills include firing from cover, use of kneeling and prone positions, moving targets, malfunction clearing, firing on the move, and transitioning to the handgun.


  • Patrol Rifle Instructor Course
    • 08/10/2020-08/14/2020 Florence (PD) AL
      • Course Fee: $50.00


This school centers on the patrol rifle for officers using iron sights or optics (which must be removed for zeroing exercises). The classroom portion informs students how to teach basic fundamentals of rifle marksmanship and handling, how to zero iron-sighted rifles, and discusses zeroing policy and liability concerns. Range work quickly moves from basic marksmanship to tactical movement, use of cover, various firing positions, pivots and turns, use of the safety circle concept, reloading under stress, firing on the move, multiple threats, decision-making, and reduced light threat identification and firing.



  • Precision Rifle Instructor Course
    • 10/19/2020-10/23/2020 Florence (PD) AL
      • Course Fee: $50.00


This school increases the abilities and knowledge of law enforcement firearm instructors involved in teaching long-range scoped rifle programs. Classroom presentations cover long-range rifle marksmanship fundamentals, tactical rifle handling, rifle shooting positions, zeroing a scoped rifle, the tactical use of cover and concealment, conducting practical long-range rifle range training, ammunition and equipment, use of trajectory charts and rifle data books, range estimation, and reduced light training.