Solid Waste Department

Hours of Operation:         
7:00 am - 3:30 pm 

Landfill Department (1)

The City of Florence operates a construction and demolition debris landfill. The materials approved for disposal include non-decaying and non-hazardous construction and demolition waste, rubbish, and tires as defined by ADEM Rule 335-13-1-.03. 

ADEM Rule 335-13-1-.03

(28) Construction/Demolition Waste - waste building materials, packaging, and rubble resulting from construction, remodeling, repair, or demolition operations on houses, commercial buildings, and other structures. Such wastes include, but are not limited to, masonry materials, sheet rock, roofing waste, insulation (not including asbestos), scrap metal, and wood products. Uncontaminated concrete, soil, brick, waste asphalt paving, and ash resulting from the combustion of untreated wood, rock, and similar materials are excluded from this definition.  We can no longer accept municipal solid waste or garbage at the landfill. 

Should you generate household waste not accepted by the landfill, Florence residents may place waste in the dumpsters at the city landfill with proof of residence (drivers license or utility bill). Alternatively, residents may contact the following transfer stations for further information:

North Alabama Transfer Station - 5450 Hwy 157, Florence (256) 760-7189
Lauderdale County Solid Waste - 5100 Hwy 157, Florence (256) 760-5874

The City of Florence is not responsible for the collection of construction debris. This is not a service that the city provides. A fee will be charged for the collection of demolition waste for businesses and residents alike.

Types of Waste

Rate Per Ton

General Waste or Debris:
Shingles, Brush and Stumps, Building Demolition Debris




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