Large Yard Waste/Curbside Trash Collection

Street Department

Hours of Operation:
7:00 am- 3:30 pm 

Large Yard Waste/Curbside Trash Collection 

Heavy trash is large yard waste, furniture, and material from minor household projects such as cabinets or toilets.

A pile (including brush) must not exceed four (4) feet high, ten (10) feet long, and five (5) feet deep. If the pile exceeds these dimensions, it will NOT meet the requirements of acceptable heavy trash and will be left for disposal by the residential customer.

The city will pick up grass clippings if they are bagged (resolution April 1990) and placed at the curb away from obstacles.

  • Items shall be placed no more than two feet from the street's edge, and must be approximately five (5) feet from other obstacles such as mailboxes, utility poles, fences, and parked cars.
  • Avoid placing large brush and bulky items under low-hanging tree limbs, utility lines or cables.
  • Do not place large trash or piles of trash on top of a water meter.