Leaf Collection

Leaf Collection:

Florence City provides seasonal loose-leaf collection for leaves placed behind the curb in a pile or windrow for residents living within city limits. During fall/winter leaf collection from November through April, trucks vacuum leaves from the curbside on Monday through Friday starting at 7:00 am. Leaf crews will follow scheduled routes providing equal service for everyone. 

The magnitude of this job prevents the possibility of weekly loose leaf pick up for everyone. If you require weekly leaf pick up, bag your leaves and place them curbside.

Leaf Collection Guidelines:
  • Leaves should be raked into piles curbside, but not into the street or gutter as this can cause flooding and traffic problems.
  • Rake leaves to the edge of your yard near the curb, but away from any obstacles such as cars, trees, fences, or mailboxes so that the vacuum truck has clear access.
  • Keep leaf piles free of limbs, pine cones, sticks, rocks and other trash which can damage the vacuum hoses and slow progress.
  • Curbs and gutters will be vacuumed after the majority of leaves have been collected.
  • Bagged leaves and other curbside trash will continue to be picked up weekly.
  • Please avoid piling raked leaves on top of your water meter because this prevents meter readers from having access.