Information Technology

Welcome to the Florence Utilities Information Technology Department

We maintain the City's website and try to keep communications running smoothly between the city departments with computer technology and networking.

We also work for you, our Utility customer, to ensure you have easy access to the services our Utility Department provides for you. We're just a phone call away, or contact us via the interactive internet.

In today's world of complex computer technology, information systems have become a vital resource for municipal organizations. The Information Systems Department for Florence Utilities helps to keep the City of Florence working efficiently by providing computer support to each department of the city.

The Information Systems Department is responsible for computer networking between city departments; training employees on new software and technology; creating statements, bills, and reports; and purchasing computer equipment. Our handheld automatic readers download your monthly readings, without the time consuming task of manually reading each meter.

We are committed to better serve the consumer by staying abreast of the ever-changing technology that is required in our complex computer environment and providing support to keep our city working in an efficient manner.