The City of Florence Insurance Department

The City of Florence Insurance Department is responsible for managing the City’s liability and property insurance programs. Activities include:

  • Management of the City’s property and liability insurance programs
  • Investigating and handling all claims against the City of Florence
  • Managing various risk management programs including security and loss control

 Filing a Claim

All claims for damage against the City of Florence should be filled with the Florence City Clerk’s Office.  To file a damage claim against the City of Florence, you will need to complete and submit a claim form available from the City Clerk’s Office, or you may download and print a copy of the form from this web site.  A handwritten or typed and notarized claim affidavit is also acceptable.  Address all claims to the City of Florence and please include all information regarding the incident such as: time, place, date, description of damage, description of events, etc. If you have already received a bill or invoice for the repair of damages, or if you have estimates for the damage repairs please include copies of these with your claim documents. Be sure to include your signature, address, and phone number(s) on your claim document.  Please allow the City sufficient time to investigate the claim and determine the extent of any liability.

All notices of claim are required to be hand-delivered or mailed to the City Clerk’s Office, and received within six months of the date of the incident.

Street Address:
Florence Municipal Building
110 W. College St.
Room 116
Florence, AL 35630

Mailing Address:
Florence City Clerk’s Office
P. O. Box 98
Florence, AL 35631 

Claim documents may also be faxed to the City Clerk’s Office, attention of Sherry Hines @ 256-760-6635.

Should you have any questions regarding filing a damage claim, please contact the City Clerk’s office @ 256-760-6679.

All Damage Claims are filed in the City Clerk’s office and the original copy is forwarded to the Insurance Manager for investigation and processing through the City Attorney’s office.  The Insurance Manager’s office will contact you with the results.  To inquire on the status of your claim or to speak to someone in the Insurance Office, you may contact the Insurance Manager @ 256-740-6089.