Parking Tickets

Parking tickets may be paid a few different ways. They may be paid in the office at Florence Municipal Court between the hours of 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. They may be mailed in or placed in any of the Fine-O-Meter locations throughout downtown.

Fine-O-Meter locations:
1. Coat's Clothing, 122 N Court Street
2. Tele-Sec, 214 N Court Street
3. Tru Identity, 213 N Court Street
4. PSI, 113 N Court Street
5. Florence/Lauderdale Government Building, 102 S Court Street
6. 100 block E. College Street, beside SunTrust Bank
7. Ryan Piano, 207 E. Tennessee Street
8. 200 block N Seminary Street, Legend's Restaurant
9. Alabama Land Services, 110 S Pine Street
10. Hodgepodge Antiques, 1144 N Wood Ave
11. Across from Peck Ace Hardware, N Wood Ave
12. City Hall entrance, 110 Short Court Street
13. Municipal Building entrance, 110 W College Street
14. Florence Police Department Records foyer, 702 S Seminary Street

How do I pay a parking ticket? How do I appeal a parking ticket that I think was wrongly issued?

I received a ticket at a broken parking meter. How can I get the ticket dismissed and report the meter for repair?

What do I do if the meter is not working?

What are the hours of parking meter enforcement?

Which other lots are available for public parking?

What are the parking meter rates?

Are parking revenues important?