Martin Park

Please come visit us today for your outing.

There is a large playground available with benches around to rest. 

Martin Park boasts a 3/4 mile walking trail which overlooks the Royal Avenue Recreation Center, the Royal Avenue Aquatic facility and the Royal Avenue Tennis Courts.

There are 2 Poke Stops in Martin Park for those that play Pokemon Go. 

Martin Park also has 3 shelters available to rent.

To make a shelter reservation, please call the Central Office at 256-760-6416.

Shelters 1 and 2                                                                 Shelter 1

Shelters 1 and 2 in Martin Park at DuskShelter 1 at Martin Park

Shelter 2                                                                                  Shelter 3
Shelter 2 @ Dusk at Martin ParkShelter 3 at Martin Park.1