Online Mapping Portal

Welcome to our Online Mapping Portal!
Powered by our geographic information system (GIS), the portal is designed to provide commonly requested information in a smart-map format free to the public.

Accessing the Portal
To access the portal, simply click here, read and accept the data disclaimer, and begin exploring.

Using the Mapping Tools
The portal contains a variety of tools you can use to explore and create precisely what you need. For first-time explorers, an explanation of the tools is provided to create a better experience:
measure tool Measuring Calculate the distance between points or the area of a certain feature using the measuring tool.
query tool Query Use the query tool to find certain features with a commonality you choose.
Print tool Print Need to print your map? This is the tool for you!
Selection tool Select Click on any map feature using the select tool to see its data.
Address Search Address Search Type any address to locate it on the map.
Drawing tools Drawing Check out the drawing tools to customize your maps
Legend tool Legend Want to know what the different colors and symbols mean? Give the legend tool a click.
Data Layers tool Data Layers There's lots of data to explore. Select this tool to show or hide features.
Bookmark Page tool Bookmark Frequent visitor or want to find the portal quickly, click this tool to bookmark!
Basemap tool Basemap Do you prefer a street view or dark mode for the base layer? Give this tool a try!

Available Data
The following data is currently available in the portal:
Zoning Districts Internal Data. Updated on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.
Municipal Voting Precincts Internal Data. Updated each election cycle, or as changes occur.
Historic Districts Internal Data. Updated as changes occur.
Municipal Boundary Internal Data. Updated as changes occur.
Lauderdale Co. Land Records External Data. Source: Office of the Lauderdale Co. Revenue Commissioner