Adopters  must be 19 years of age or older and provide proof of identification. The adoption process takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Please allow ample time to look for your new pet, visit with the animal, and complete all appropriate paperwork. A home visit may be required. If you lease/rent, a paper copy of your lease allowing pets must be provided. Proof of payment for pet deposit may also required to complete an adoption. Restrictions may apply to residents outside of Lauderdale County.

Florence- Lauderdale Animal Services has a variety of animals available for adoption. If your family is looking for a new fur baby, FLAS is the place to go. Our staff will work with your family when you visit and take the time to find your perfect match. Introducing a new pet to your home should be a decision that involves all members of the family. If you have children living in your home, they should be a part of the adoption process.

When visiting the shelter, take time to view all of the animals available for adoption. Our staff and volunteers will be on site to guide you through every step of the adoption process. This process includes: filling out an application, counseling session, and interacting with the animal you are interested in adopting. Please be sure to set aside plenty of time to complete the entire process of interaction and adopting a pet.

Alabama state statute requires the sterilization of shelter animals and  we require every healthy animal adopted from our shelter to be surgically sterilized (spayed or neutered). If the animal you are adopting has already been spayed/neutered, it will be able to go home with you after your adoption is complete. If not, your pet will need to stay and you will pick him or her up after spay/neuter surgery.

All dogs (6 months or older) have received a behavioral evaluation that provides guidance as to the best home for that animal. To determine an animal's behavior designation, FLAS utilizes observations made during intake and treatment, behavior assessments, and when possible information provided from the animal's previous owner.

All adoptions include spay or neuter surgery (required by law), rabies vaccination and City license (required by law), and pet I.D. (in case your pet gets lost). Dogs will be checked for heartworms prior to adoption.

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Introducing Dogs to Cats

Positive Animal Introductions

Adoption Fees*

Dogs- $85.00

The adoption fee includes deworming, up to date vaccinations, heartworm testing, spay and neuter fees, and rabies vaccination.

Cats- $85.00

The adoption fee includes deworming, up to date vaccinations, Felv/FIV testing, spay and neuter fees, and rabies vaccination.

 At peak housing times, the Shelter may run adoption specials with low to no-cost fees. These specials are advertised on our website and through social media. Restrictions and higher fees may apply to selected pets.

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If you have questions or need more information about adopting, please give us a call at (256) 760-6676

 Florence Lauderdale Animal Services accepts cash, local checks, debit and credit cards for payment.