Should I Spay & Neuter

Why Should I Spay or Neuter My Pet?

This question is raised many times by those who simply are unfamiliar with the overpopulation of pets. Our cats and dogs can't add or subtract, but they sure can multiply. What? Read these stats and you'll certainly catch on.

1.   Each year, more than 12 million dogs and cats must be put to death in the U.S. simply because there are not enough homes for them. Over one quarter of these animals are purebreds.

2.   Seven puppies and kittens are born for every human, so there can never be enough good homes, and more are born every day.

3.   One female cat and her offspring can produce over 420,000 cats in seven years, while one dog and her offspring can produce over 67,000 dogs in six years.

4.    Only 14% of people get their pets from shelters, many great dogs and cats never get a chance at a great home.

Here are some benefits for fixing your pet:

1.       Roaming and aggressiveness are often linked to sex drive. Neutered pets are calmer and more affectionate.  

2.       You will not have to put up with staining or spraying. 

3.       You will not have to fight off males when your pet is in season. 

4.       You will not suffer heartbreak when there are not enough homes for your puppies and kittens. 

5.       Your pet will be healthier and less likely to develop certain cancers, and not be injured from fighting. 

6.       You will help all animals by not adding to the pet population explosion.