Commercial Recycling


Call the Recycling Department at 256-760-6495 to set up a recycling service at your business.

City Responsibilities

  • Florence Recycling offers a recycling service for businesses with NO collection fees.
  • Depending on recycling needs, we offer “cardboard only” dumpsters and/or carts for cardboard and other recyclables.
  • The quantity and type of materials generated dictate the type of container(s) we will provide. 
  • After an evaluation, your business will be put on one of our recycle routes--with pick-up tailored to your needs. 
  • Business recycling collection depends on the volume and types of recyclable materials your business generates. 

Business Responsibilities

  • Keep recycling containers free of contaminants. 
  • A condensed list of acceptable items for recycling is available on the ‘Recycling’ opening page.
  • For more detailed information, click 'What Can I Recycle?' and follow the links for different materials.
 Business Recycling Graphic

‘Cardboard Only’ Recycling Dumpsters

Place FLATTENED cardboard in the dumpster to be collected on the City's commercial collection route. DO NOT put anything but cardboard in these dumpsters. 
Blue Recycling Carts

  • Place recyclables in blue carts provided by the Florence Recycling Department at the designated site by 7 AM on garbage collection day. Recycling should be collected by 2:30 PM. 
  • Shredded paper must be bagged to prevent wind-blown litter.
  • Cardboard may be broken down and flattened to be put into carts.