Commercial Recycling


Commercial Recycling

Businesses that recycle seek to improve quality of life for employees, customers, and the community as a whole.  A good business waste management program involves reducing waste, reusing products and recycling waste materials. For information about setting up recycling service or to schedule a tour of the recycling operation, call the Recycling Department at 256-760-6495.

How does commercial recycling work?

Florence Recycling offers a “cardboard only” dumpster and/or carts for cardboard and other recyclables. The quantity and type of materials that you generate dictate the type of container(s) we will provide. This service is offered free of charge. We ask only that you keep recycling containers free of contaminants. Examples of contaminated materials are: garbage, trash, Styrofoam, plastic packing materials, and plastic with recycling numbers above #2.                                                          

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ow should my business recyclables be prepared for collection? 

Place recyclables in the carts provided by the Florence Recycling Department at the designated site by 7 AM and they should be collected by 2:30 PM.  Businesses find it convenient to put paper in clear or light color bags.  Cardboard may be broken down and flattened.

How often will recycle items be collected from my business?

That decision is based on the volume and types of recyclable materials generated by your business.  After an evaluation, your business will be put on one of our recycle routes-with pick-up tailored to your needs.