Commercial Services

Solid Waste Department

Hours of Operation:         
7:30 am - 3:30 pm 

Commercial Pickup in the City of Florence

The City services our commercial customers up to six times per week. We currently have two night routes that operate from midnight until 8:00 a.m. and two daytime routes that operate from 6:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. We also operate a route on Saturday morning. Rates vary depending on the size container and how often it needs emptying.

The trucks operated by the City of Florence are approximately 33 feet long and 11 feet wide. When the forks on the front are extended to lift a container, another 5 feet is added to the overall length. The approach to the box must have a minimum 45-foot runway from any obstacle so that trucks can maneuver to empty the box.

Dumpster enclosures should be sized to allow employees easy access for disposal as well as access for our trucks. The minimum opening width between posts or gates must be 12 feet. If gates are necessary, they should be built sturdily enough to support their own weight and have a mechanism allowing them to stay open. Steel posts or something similar placed within the enclosure help prevent the container from being put down against the enclosure wall.

Additionally, the largest containers provided by the city are 8 cubic yards and measure approximately 6-by-6 feet. The city also has available 4 and 6 cubic yard containers. Tops are made of plastic and can be flipped up for disposal. The 6 and 8 yard containers also have sliding doors on each side to allow access.

The requirements in the city code, Section 24-5 for a dumpster pad should be followed as well. The code requires, among other things, that the pad be constructed from reinforced concrete with the following dimensions: 20 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 6 inches thick. Our trucks, when loaded, can weigh in excess of 60,000 pounds making a sturdy pad necessary.

Items not allowed in a dumpster:

  • Dirt
  • Pallets
  • Stone/Gravel
  • Concrete
  • Mattresses
  • Furniture
  • Liquids
  • Hazardous Materials

Section 22-91Commercial Garbage Collection Fees

There are hereby fixed the following fees for collecting, handling, and disposing of garbage for commercial establishments within the corporate limits of the City of Florence:

  1. For each commercial establishment in the corporate limits of the city, the fee shall be based upon the size of the commercial dumpster and frequency of collection as set forth below:

Collections per Week

4 Yard Dumpster
Monthly Rate

6 Yard Dumpster
Monthly Rate

8 Yard Dumpster
Monthly Rate






















Effective April 1, 2013

  1.  The minimum monthly fee for commercial establishments in the corporate limits of the city that are sharing a dumpster or using a roll-out garbage cart shall be twenty-three dollars ($23.00).
  2. An additional monthly fee of eight dollars ($8.00) will be added if the customer has a gated area that we must open to access.
  3. Cost for additional service on an unscheduled day will be fifty dollars ($50.00) per occurrence. This will be billed separately—not with your monthly charge.
  4.  New commercial dumpster customers will incur a one-time setup fee of forty dollars ($40.00).
  5. Construction and demolition materials cannot be placed in city containers because these materials will damage our trucks.  The following companies provide roll-off containers in the City of Florence for this type of waste.

Competitive Waste Systems -256-381-6019
Waste Management - 256-381-0913
PBS - 256-757-9900
Republic Services - 256-327-4400
WPI Onsite Solutions -256-764-5544