TVA Business and Industry Incentives

TVA EnergyRight Incentives

In partnership with your Local Power Company (LPC), the following financial incentives are offered on qualifying equipment purchases to help you reach your energy goals. Please apply for incentives prior to equipment purchases.

Take advantage of current incentive offerings to help reduce your company’s energy costs and improve workplace sustainability. Please apply for incentives prior to purchasing equipment. Incentives are based on program terms and conditions (see individual incentive links below for details) and are dependent on application approval. Contact us if you have any questions.


Whether you are ready to replace your gas-fired HVAC system or building a new facility, our incentive for HVAC system-utilizing heat pumps can help. Dual fuel heat pumps and variable refrigerant flow systems with variable speed compressors can yield substantial energy savings, help control spikes in seasonal energy use and improve comfort and air quality. Accessible through the PPN, we're offering a $250/ton HVAC incentive toward the purchase of qualified HVAC LED systems.  HVAC incentives are the only incentives that do not require pre-approval.

For complete HVAC incentive details please visit:

LED Lights

Upgrade your interior lighting to lower your energy costs. Making the switch is more affordable with an incentive of $0.04/kWh towards energy efficient LED upgrades. Preferred Partners Network (PPN) members utilize the PPEC lighting tool to share information about your project. This incentive is accessible through the TVA PPN.  For complete LED incentive details please visit:

Forklifts / Non-Road EVs

Lift profitability and lower emissions with electric forklifts. Not only do they have lower operating costs—they require less maintenance.  Electric forklifts are quieter and more maneuverable. It pays to go electric. We're offering incentives of $2,000 toward the purchase of electric forklifts and $1,000 toward an electric forklift lease. Please note that golf carts are not included in this incentive opportunity.  For complete forklike incentive details please visit:


One size does not fit all. You can receive incentives for custom designed energy projects that meet your business needs and budget. Incentives are offered at a rate of up to $0.10 per annual kWh achieved with the efficiency improvement when installing electric technologies.


Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation uses short wavelength UV-C light to inactivate microorganisms. According to the FDA, germicidal lamps have long been used to reduce the spread of bacteria. TVA is offering standard incentives at $30/ton for duct-mounted UVGI systems, accessible through the PPN.  For complete UVGI incentive details please visit:

Thermal Ice Storage

Known as “peak shaving,” Thermal Ice Storage systems cut costs by shifting your cooling to off-peak hours. Our incentives can help offset some of your project’s costs and are offered at rates of $9.00/ton hour for partial storage and $11.00/ton hour for full storage projects.

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