Florence Utilities encompasses Electricity, Gas, Water, and Sewer utilities for all of Lauderdale County with a few exceptions for water and gas. We also bill Sanitation for city and county garbage. Utilities Customer Service is comprised of Customer Service, Collections, Billing, and Meter Readers. Customer Service Departments are the first line of contact with Florence Utilities customers. We strive to take care of every customer while following all of the regulations and policies of each department.

Customer Service Numbers:

Customer Service Department-(256) 760-6512 -General account questions, connects/disconnects, and account information.

Customer Service Department Appointments for Service- (256) 760-6300.

Collections-(256) 760-6525 -Late Payments, extensions, disconnects and reconnects due to non-pay.

Regular Business Hours:

Outages & Interruptions of Electricity - (256) 764-4456

Outages & Interruptions of Natural Gas, Water & Waste Water -(256) 760-6490

After Hours, Nights, Weekends, Holidays:

Outages & Interruptions of Electricity - (256) 764-4456

Gas, Water & Waste Water - (256) 760-6490 or 911 for emergencies.

Door Hangers-Please call the number on the door hanger for after-hours service. 
                                  Door hangers are left when service has been disconnected for non-payment, or when 
                                  service could not be turned on by service tech during working hours. 


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