Florence City Schools

fcsFlorence City Schools has a vision of offering our students tomorrow, today. In order to prepare for the successes of tomorrow, we need to put them in situations today to make that possible. In order for that to happen, Florence City Schools offers an abundance of opportunities for students to exceed and excel in instruction and learning. Through a rigorous instructional program, Florence City Schools offers 20 AP courses, 70+ career technical education courses, 13 competitive sports and 60+ teams. It is our goal to instruct students from cradle to graduation. FCS has a Pre-Kindergarten Program at both Forest Hills Elementary School and Harlan elementary School. Our high school graduation rate is among the best in the state (96%) and nation at (93%). We are working diligently to increase that rate to an even higher percentage.

We are blessed in Florence City Schools to have tremendous community support. We cultivate partnerships with local and regional partners, such as Southwire Corporation and Alabama Chanin. Our students are afforded the opportunity for on-the-job experience in “real world” jobs in both our 12 For Life and Launch Programs in which they earn academic credit as well as a salary and invaluable work experience. Partnerships with local institutions of higher learning open the door for students to dually enroll to earn college credit at a greatly-reduced cost and begin their formal college career ahead of schedule. Florence City Schools’ employees are also afforded opportunities to apply for enrollment in advanced degree programs at greatly reduced costs to advance their career and earning potential. With 69% of Florence City Schools’ faculty holding a master’s degree or above, FCS prides itself on hiring the best and brightest instructional staff to teach our children. FCS has demonstrated success in academics as demonstrated by our recent previous rankings by U. S. News and World Report: America’s Best High Schools” and Newsweek: Best High Schools”. Our schools likewise have obtained prestigious awards such as National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, Intel School of Distinction finalist for national mathematics excellence, Alabama Torchbearer models, and NASSP’s designation as a Breakthrough School. In technology offerings for our students and staff, we have become the pacesetter for others to model our 1:1 technology initiative and digital curriculum in grades PK-12 and virtual curriculum in grades 7-12.

The enthusiasm in our community, who are solidly behind our Falcons, is unmatched and has encouraged our athletes to rise to the top in sports. Due to outstanding athletic performance, over 50 student athletes signed scholarships to play at the next level over the past three years. Our community believes in, and expects, excellence on and off the field as we do.

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University of North Alabama

unaThe University of North Alabama prides itself on strong academics supported by a dedicated faculty and staff. Toward that end we offer a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs coupled with excellent academic support services.

In preparation for a recent accreditation review, the UNA academic community embraced a theme of "Building Success through Discovery." The intent of the program is to integrate student research within each major of the undergraduate curriculum-to give students the tools to "imagine, investigate, and communicate." Faculty mentoring will be at the forefront of this innovative approach to student learning.

Consistent with the changes in student demographics in recent years, the University has developed undergraduate and graduate degrees in interdisciplinary and professional studies. These programs cater to non-traditional adult learners. The UNA goal is to find an academic niche that meets the educational and career goals for all students.

Perhaps most important is that our 275+ full-time faculty have as their highest priority serving as advisors and mentoring to the 7,200+ students who make up the student body at UNA. These dedicated faculty members understand today's financial investment in a university education and take seriously their role in achieving success for all students who accept their academic obligations.

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