Boards & Commissions

There are many boards and committees that help to operate the functions of the City of Florence.  Each board is comprised of members of City Administration and members of the local business community. 

Board openings are listed on each Council Meeting Agenda on the first and third Tuesday each month.  You may download a fillable application for possible appointment to any board, by Clicking Here.  Email completed application to Martha Murphy at

List of City of Florence Boards & Commissions

Florence-Lauderdale County Agri-Business Center & Farmers' Market Board
City/County Joint Board - 5 members (2 City appointed, 2 County appointed, 1 City/County appointed) - 3 year terms. Responsible for the setting of policies.  The purpose of this board is to manage, control, and operate the facilities (the Agri-Business Center) for the benefit of farmers and consumers in Lauderdale County and surrounding areas.

Beautification Board
12 members - 3 year terms. Established for the purpose of encouraging citizens and businesses to beautify their property. Joint sponsor of the annual Urban Forestry Conference with the Tree Commission. Annually judge business properties within the city limits, and recognizes top winners at an annual awards luncheon. Meet the second Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m.

Civil Service Board
5 members - 5 Year Terms. Scheduled meetings in addition to called meetings. Members receive $100.00 per month. The Civil Service Board was established by Act #437 of the Alabama Legislature in 1947. This board has authority over the Police and Fire Departments in hiring firing, promoting, and demoting. They screen applicants and give final approval for employment. Disciplinary action or termination may be appealed to the Civil Service Board. The Board is an advisory to the Mayor and City Council in matters concerning the Police and Fire Departments.

Florence Historic Preservation Commission
The Florence Historic Preservation Commission was created by the Florence City Council to establish a uniform procedure for use in providing for the protection, enhancement, perpetuation and use of places, districts, sites, buildings, structures, objects, landscape features and works of art having a special historical, cultural or aesthetic interest or value to the City of Florence.

Florence Housing Authority
5 members - Mayor appointed - 5 year terms. The Florence Housing Authority Board was established by Legislative Act in 1935.  It is responsible for the management and maintenance of housing for low income tenants through various federal programs.

Industrial Development Board
7 members (6 City appointed, 1 County appointed) - 6 year terms. This board receives applications, conducts investigations, and executes necessary documentation of bond issues to industries for construction and/or plant additions.

Library Board (Florence-Lauderdale Public Library Board)
5 members - 5 year terms. This is an advisory board to the Director of the local library and to the Mayor and City Council.  Gives advice on the needs and programs of the local library.

Library Board (Lauderdale County Regional Library System Board)
7 members - 3 year terms (2 City appointed, 1 County appointed, 1 City/County appointed, 1 Killen appointed, 1 Lexington appointed, and 1 Rogersville appointed.) Established January 10, 1992. The purpose of this board is to administer the established regional library system by upholding the by-laws and policies set forth for the Board of Trustees.

Planning Commission
9 members - Mayor appointed (1 City official, 1 City Council representative) - 6 year terms.  Meets 4th Tuesday of each month. The Planning Commission was established by ordinance on May 27, 1940.  The Zoning Ordinance section of the City Code stipulates the Planning Commission's authority.  In general, this includes any zoning decisions; street and alley vacations; technical considerations such as traffic, street improvements and storm water detention for housing developments and shopping centers; and approval of the subdivision of property.  The Planning Commission is a recommending body in all zoning and street and alley vacations.  The City Council has the final authority.

Florence-Lauderdale County Port Authority - Board of Directors
City/County Joint Board - 5 members (2 City appointed, 2 County appointed, and 1 City/County appointed) - 5 year terms. This board is responsible for the development of the port and advises the two governing bodies of the City and County.  Has authority to set policies.

Riverbend Center for Mental Health - Board of Directors
City/County Joint Board - 6 members (3 City appointed, 3 County appointed) - 6 year terms.  Responsible for the proper administration of the Mental Health Center.  Sets policies and advises the administration.

Scope 310 Board
9 to 36 members from 3 counties - 6 year terms . The purpose of the Board is to plan action leading to the combating of all forms of mental retardation and other disabilities.  This action includes conducting pertinent information studies, providing appropriate services to the area through local agencies, and contracting with the State Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation for a coordinator of the Shoals Cope for MR.

Shoals Economic Development Authority (SEDA) - Board of Directors
24 members (6 City appointed, 6 County appointed, 3 Colbert County appointed, 3 Muscle Shoals appointed, 3 Sheffield appointed, and 3 Tuscumbia appointed) - 3 year terms. Established by Legislative Act #86244 on April 11, 1986.  The purpose of the Board of Directors is to govern the operations of the SEDA office which recruits industry into Northwest Alabama and assists existing industry with expansions or additions.

Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Board
5 members (2 City appointed, 2 County appointed, and 1 City/County appointed) - four year terms. Originated in and passed by the House on June 13, 1995, Act 95-306, H. 665. This board is responsible for marketing and promoting the natural resources and attractions of the Florence and Lauderdale County area as a tourist destination and administration of the lodging tax collected by lodging facilities.

Florence Tree Commission
7 members - 3 year terms. Established October 6, 1987. Responsibilities are to study, investigate, counsel, develop and/or update annually, and administer a written plan for the care, preservation, pruning, planting, replanting, removal or disposition of trees and shrubs in parks, along streets, and in other public areas.  Co-sponsors a Tree Workshop each year in February.

Board of Zoning Adjustments
5 members, 2 supernumerary members - 3 year terms. Meets the 1st Thursday of each month. This board works closely with the Planning Commission.  Appeals are made to this board concerning the Building Official's interpretation of the zoning regulations.  Considers variances and special exceptions to the Zoning Ordinance.