Billing and Payment Options-Now Available

Florence Utilities makes it easy to pay your utility bill by offering a variety of options and ways to pay your utility bill. You can Pay Now using the Guest Payment Portal or Create An Account/Log In for all account management options or use the links below to sign up for various options.


Paperless Billing allows customers to have the convenience of viewing bills and managing accounts anywhere at any time.  Receive utility bills and payment options by email.  Signup for paperless by logging into your account today or click here for our easy online form.


Budget Billing examines the previous 12 months' bills and determines a monthly payment amount based on that history.  Qualified Florence Utility residential customers can pay the total in 12 approximately equal payments.  Program participation requires verbal confirmation.  Call 256-718-3210 or click here for our easy online form for someone to contact you in the next 5 to 7 business days.


AutoPay can simplify life by setting a preferred payment method to deduct payments on the due date automatically.  Signup for AutoPay by logging in to your account today or call 256-718-3219 for an authorization form.

Text Pay

Text Pay allows customers the convenience of viewing bills, receiving text reminders, and making a payment by text.  Signup for Text Pay by logging into your account or by using the Guest Pay/Pay now option here.