Billing Department

Pam Butler, Billing Coordinator
Phone: 256-740-6029  Fax: 256-760-6544

The Billing department works with all departments within utilities to ensure your bill is sent to you in a timely manner each month. If you have a question about your bill, you may call the customer service number to speak with a customer service representative or you can contact the billing coordinator directly. Our goal is to make sure you receive an accurate bill each month. 

GO PAPERLESS! Want to reduce clutter? Eliminate paper bills. You can now receive and pay your bills online. You'll save time and money and have access to your previous bills. Try it out today- register at

NEW AND IMPROVED BILL PAY SERVICE-Allows customers to view and pay their bill through the upgraded version of eBusiness with new account management tools. Please go to to sign in and get started! Customers will also see the ability to pay through the Guest Payment Portal. This portal allows customers to enter their account number and last name without having to log into the website. They can view their bill, set up bill reminders, pay on multiple accounts, sign up for paperless, and pay their bill by eCheck (free) or by credit/debit card ($4.95 processing fee). 

NOTICE: We are in the process of making some changes to our current bills. Customers will continue to receive the same information on their bill as they have in the past. The only changes will be to the color of the paper, movement of the perforation for the bill stub, and the alignment of the barcodes. The changes are helping Florence Utilities become more efficient in daily processes through several departments. We appreciate your patience and concerns as we improve our processes and upgrade our billing software. 

Steve Wright, Meter Reader Foreman
Phone: 256-740-6667

Meter readers are normally reading meters from 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. daily. If there are unsafe weather events or holidays that would cause delays in reading meters, customers may see Meter Readers reading meters on the weekends or in the afternoons.