Contact Directory

First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Lorraine Aylward Engineering Services Coordinator (256)-740-6005
Allen Caddell Director of Engineering Operations (256)-740-6014
Ben Crane Technical Systems Engineer (256)-740-6013
LaCanas Fitzgerald Warehouse Inventory Data Clerk (256)-760-6531
Steve Ford Staking Technician (256)-740-6008
Daniel Bates Meter Lab Foreman (256)-740-6239
David Harper Staking Technician (256)-740-6057
Will Harper Senior Electrical Engineer (256)-740-6063
Amanda Nunn Storekeeper (256)-718-3233
Doug Jackson Stores Supervisor (256)-718-3232
Dustin Mason Line Clearance Coordinator (256)-740-6096
Kenny Smith Director of Safety and Facilities (256)-740-6094
Alicia Kelsey Warehouse Service Coordinator (256)-760-6536
Mary McDuffa Manager (256)-740-6006
Joe McPhail Line Clearance Supervisor (256)-760-6533
Wade Wood General Foreman of Overhead pwwood@florencealorg._ (256)-760-6535
Lou Pettus Executive Assistant to Manager (256)-740-6044
Darrell Pickle Fleet Maintenance Supervisor (256)-718-3237
Tyler Pigg Electrical Systems Engineer (256)-740-6061
Aiko Riggins Staking Technician (256)-740-6048
Seth Thompson GIS Supervisor (256)-740-6081
Brian Tipper General Foreman of Underground (256)-760-6534
Luke McCain Electrical Systems Engineer (256)-740-6059
Thomas Hovater AMI System Administrator (256)-740-6079
Lexie Burfield Staking Technician (256)-740-6011
Sara Smith Secretary- Warehouse (256)-760-6530
Brian Dixon Staking Technician (256)-740-6095