How to Report an Outage

Dial 256-764-4456 (24 hours a day) to report an electrical outage. If all of our operators are busy, you can report the outage to our Outage Management System. If your phone number is recognized by the computer, it will locate your account information for our Dispatcher. If the number is not found, you may leave a voice message providing us with your name, address, a number where you can be reached and as much information as possible about your electrical issue. The information is recorded by our Outage Management System and every call is reviewed by our Dispatcher. 

If my phone number is not on file in the computer, how can I update it?

Call us during business hours at 256-760-6512 and ask us to update your telephone number in our system. Have your bill on hand when you call, we will ask for your account number and the phone number you wish to be tied to that account. You can have up to 3 numbers tied to your account for your convenience.

Outage viewer:

We have created an online location based website that will allow you to report an issue with a streetlight, security light, or traffic light. Click here to report a light issue.