All area codes are (256) unless noted otherwise
Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Controller/Accounting - Florence Utilities Pam Gist Plant Accountant (256)-718-3212
Engineering Beth Hunt Secretary (256)-760-6350
City Treasurer/City Clerk Office Bob Leyde City Treasurer/Clerk (256)-760-6678
City Clerk Office Frank Chaney Parking Facilities Supervisor (256)-760-6684
City Clerk Office Chris Faust License Inspector (256)-760-6681
City Clerk Office Sherry Hines Administrative Assistant II (256)-760-6679
City Clerk Office Bonnie Pruitt Clerk III (256)-760-6683
Mayor/Council Office Andy Betterton Mayor (256)-760-6408
Mayor/Council Office Melinda Morgan Executive Assistant (256)-760-6408
Mayor/Council Office Martha Murphy Administrative Assistant (256)-760-6409
Mayor/Council Office Elizabeth Henley Assistant (257)-760-6400
Elected Officials Kaytrina P. Simmons District 1 (256)-760-6401
Elected Officials William D. Jordan District 2 (256)-760-6402
Elected Officials Bill Griffin District 3 (256)-760-6403
Elected Officials Michelle Rupe Eubanks District 4 (256)-760-6404
Elected Officials Blake Edwards District 5 (256)-760-6405
Elected Officials Jimmy Oliver District 6 (256)-760-6406
Arts & Museums Libby Jordan Director (256)-760-6380
Arts & Museums Jenny Dawn Stucki Art Director (256)-760-6381
Arts & Museums Brian Murphy Site Director Indian Mound / Pope's Tavern (256)-760-6427
Arts &  Museums Jeff              Ford Site Director Rosenbaum House (256)-718-5050
Arts &  Museums Rhiannon                                                    Clarke Museums    Assistant (256)-760-6379
Arts &  Museum          Ana                             Peeples  Museums  Educator (256)-760-6379
Building Department Gary Williamson Building Official (256)-760-6331
Building Department Derek Poole Zoning & Codes Inspector (256)-760-6336
Building Department Dennis Thompson Electrical Inspector (256)-760-6328
Building Department Adam Talley Plumbing & Gas Inspector (256)-760-6329
Building Department Tara Hall Secretary / Permit Clerk (256)-760-6325
Building Department Beth Harrison Office Coordinator (256)-760-6330
Building Department Shannon Harris Building & Codes Inspector (256)-760-6334
Building Department Justin Mason Building Inspector (256)-718-5160
Building Department Project Coordinator, Inspector (256)-760-6623
General Fund Accounting Shana Balch CFO (256)-760-6640
General Fund Accounting Lora Morgan Chief Accountant (256)-760-6392
General Fund Accounting Michele L. Moore Assistant Accountant/Payroll (256)-760-6631
General Fund Accounting LaShawn Parrish Accounting Clerk (256)-760-6636
General Fund Accounting Cindy Wilson Accounting Clerk (256)-760-6633
General Fund Accounting Betty Whitlock Accounting Clerk (256)-760-6632
Electricity Mary McDuffa Manager (256)-740-6006
Electricity Lorraine Aylward Engineering Services Coordinator (256)-740-6005
Electricity Allen Caddell Director of Engineering Operations (256)-740-6014
Electricity Ben Crane Technical Systems Engineer (256)-740-6013
Electricity Steve Ford Staking Technician (256)-740-6008
Electricity Brian Dixon Staking Technician (256)-740-6095
Electricity Will Harper Senior Electrical Engineer (256)-740-6063
Electricity Wade Wood General Foreman of Overhead (256)-760-6535
Electricity Doug Jackson Stores Supervisor (256)-718-3232
Electricity Dustin Mason Line Clearance Coordinator (256)-740-6096
Electricity Kenny Smith Director of Safety and Facilities (256)-740-6094
Electricity Alicia Kelsey Warehouse Service Coordinator (256)-760-6536
Electricity Lou Pettus Executive Assistant to Manager (256)-740-6044
Electricity Aiko Riggins Staking Technician (256)-740-6048
Electricity Daniel Bates Meter Foreman (256)-740-6239
Electricity Joseph A. McPhail Line Clearance Supervisor (256)-760-6533
Electricity Seth Thompson GIS Supervisor (256)-740-6081
Electricity Lexie Burfield Staking Technician (256)-740-6011
Electricity Darrell Pickle Fleet Maintenance Supervisor (256)-718-3237
Electricity Tyler Pigg Electrical Systems Engineer (256)-740-6061
Electricity Luke McCain Electrical Systems Engineer (256)-740-6059
Electricity Brian Tipper General Foreman of Underground (256)-760-6534
Electricity LaCanas Fitzgerald Warehouse Inventory Data Clerk (256)-760-6531
Electricity GIS Specialist GIS Specialist (256)-740-6082
Electricity Thomas Hovater AMI System Administrator (256)-740-6079
Electricity Sara Smith Secretary- Warehouse (256)-760-6530
Chief Financial Officer - Florence Utilities Mark Lovejoy Chief Financial Officer (256)-718-3210
Controller/Accounting - Florence Utilities Gail Cassel Assistant Accountant Payroll (256)-718-3209
Controller/Accounting - Florence Utilities Denise Davis Administrative Assistant (256)-718-3210
Controller/Accounting - Florence Utilities Dorothy  Glover Accountant-Gas (256)-718-5110
Controller/Accounting - Florence Utilities Heath Johnston Chief Accountant - Water (256)-718-5117
Controller/Accounting - Florence Utilities LaToya Thompson Assistant Accountant - Payroll/Gas lthompson@florencealorg._ (256)-718-5111
Controller/Accounting - Florence Utilities Shayla Alexander Chief Accountant - Electricity (256)-718-3211
Controller/Accounting - Florence Utilities Rebecca Patton-Harper Chief Accountant - Gas (256)-740-6046
Controller/Accounting - Florence Utilities Leann Harrison Accounts Payable Clerk (256)-718-3207
Controller/Accounting - Florence Utilities Martha Brackin Accounting Clerk/Revenue (256)-718-3208
Controller/Accounting - Florence Utilities Jessica Holcombe Assistant Accountant Payroll (256)-740-6043
Collections - Florence Utilities Cindy Ingram Collections Coordinator (256)-740-5984
Customer Service -  Florence Utilities Kisha Hatton Customer Service Supervisor (256)-740-6071
Emergency Management John Rochester Planner (256)-760-6363
Emergency Management George M. Grabryan, Jr. Director (256)-760-6363
Emergency Management Heath Bennett Deputy Director (256)-760-6363
Emergency Management Courtney Ford Secretary (256)-760-6363
Emergency Management Payten Purser EMA Assistant (256)-760-6363
Emergency Management Jeff Morrow Assistant, (256)-760-6363
Emergency Management Tammy Pitman EMA Records Clerk (256)-760-6363
Engineering Bill Batson City Engineer (256)-760-6357
Engineering Mark Hatcher Assistant City Engineer (256)-760-6358
Engineering Annette Menne Administrative Assistant (256)-760-6350
Florence Fire-Rescue Tim Anerton Fire Chief (256)-760-6475
Florence Fire-Rescue Doug Hartley Battalion Chief
Florence Fire-Rescue Carlos Woods Battalion Chief
Florence Fire-Rescue Jason Kelley Training Chief (256)-760-6475
Florence Fire-Rescue Ryan Orrick Fire Prevention Chief (256)-760-6475
Florence Fire-Rescue Casey Glover Lt. Fire Inspector (256)-760-6475
Florence Fire-Rescue Nic Rook Lt. Fire Inspector (256)-760-6475
Florence Fire-Rescue Greg Angus Deputy Chief of Administration (256)-760-6475
Florence Fire-Rescue Gary Wilson Battalion Chief
Florence Fire-Rescue Jarrod Wallace Deputy Chief of Suppression (256)-760-6475
Florence Fire-Rescue Vonda Childress Administrative Assistant III (256)-740-8888
Florence Fire-Rescue Bradley Payne Lt. Fire Inspector (256)-760-6475
Gas Department Michael Doyle Manager (256)-718-5100
Gas Department Laura Butler Admin. Asst. to the Chief Gas Controller (256)-718-5103
Gas Department Eddie Olive Field Operations Supervisor eolive@florencealorg._ (256)-718-5122
Gas Department Josh Hall GIS Water (256)-718-5118
Gas Department Regina Duboise Executive Assistant to the Manager (256)-718-5101
Gas Department Dolphus King Operations Asst. / Gas Controller (256)-718-5102
Gas Department Stan Pruitt GIS Gas (256)-718-5116
Gas Department Tim Truitt P.E. (Engineering) (256)-718-5113
Gas Department John Cox Stores/Training Coordinator (256)-718-5130
Human Resources/Benefit Keith Owsley Human Resources Director/Benefits Manager (256)-740-6084
Human Resources/Benefit Teresa Maddox Benefits Administrator (256)-760-6362
Human Resources/Benefit Emily Mason HR Generalist (256)-760-6360
Risk/Insurance  Manager Andy Jones Safety/Insurance (256)-740-6055
Information Systems Patricia Formby Administrative Clerk (256)-740-6018
Information Systems Bryan Mitchell G.I.S. Administrator (256)-718-3216
Information Systems Jack Dressler Manager (256)-760-6552
Gas & Water Department Kim Denton IT Administrator  Gas & Water (256)-740-6031
Information Systems Lee Flint Network Administrator lflint@florencealorg._ (256)-740-6083
Information Systems Jeff Whitten Network Administrator (256)-740-6017
Municipal Court Chris Smith Judge (256)-760-6457
Municipal Court Heath Trousdale Prosecutor (256)-740-4115
Municipal Court Debbie Alexander Court Clerk/Magistrate (256)-760-6626
Magistrate Kedra Armstead Magistrate (256)-760-6326
Municipal Court Leann Ford Magistrate (256)-760-6627
Municipal Court Dewanna Fuller Magistrate (256)-760-6625
Municipal Court Melanie Pruitt Magistrate (256)-740-4111
Municipal Court Annette Webb Magistrate (256)-740-4112
Municipal Court Jessica Minor File Clerk (256)-740-4116
Business Development / Mayor's Office Melissa Bevis Business Development Coordinator (256)-740-6086
Parks & Recreation (Central Office) Bill Jordan Parks and Recreation Director (Central Office) (256)-760-6417
Parks & Recreation (Coliseum) Mike Adams Community Programs & Events Director (Coliseum) (256)-718-5088
Parks & Recreation (Central Office) Lee Peden Parks Superintendent (256)-740-8803
Parks & Recreation (Recreation Supervisors) Fran Davis Recreation - Senior Center (The Club) (256)-760-6420
Parks and Recreation William Noel Recreation - Senior Center (The Club) (256)-760-6668
Parks & Recreation (Recreation Supervisors) Kevin Medley Recreation Center - Royal (256)-760-6426
Parks & Recreation (Recreation Supervisors) Nicole McIntyre Recreation Center-Broadway (256)-760-6419
Parks & Recreation (Recreation Supervisors) Nate Morris Recreation Center - Handy (256)-760-6435
Parks & Recreation (Central Office) Sheri Hiebel Parks and Recreation Administration (Central Office) (256)-760-6416
Parks & Recreation (Central Office) Rona Swindall Parks and Recreation Accounting (Central Office) (256)-718-5084
Parks & Recreations (Athletic Supervisor) Zach Tverberg Athletic Supervisor (256)-718-5054
Parks and Recreation Amy Edwards Community Programs & Events (Coliseum) (256)-760-6389
Parks and Recreation Sydni Alexander Secretary Recreation - Royal (256)-760-6425
Parks  and Recreation Randy Lee Park Police Sargent (256)-349-0677
Parks and Recreation Courtney Hurt Secretary Sportsplex Athletics (256)-760-6628
Parks & Recreation (Sports Complex) Augie Erbe Sportsplex Athletics (256)-718-5087
Parks and Recreation Derrick Bright Golf Course Superintendent golf.course.superintendent@_._ (256)-740-8810
Parks and Recreation Kim Lovelace Golf Shop Operations (256)-740-8826
Parks and Recreation Eric Murphy Golf Pro Shop (256)-740-8825
Parks and Recreation Chad Nipper Golf Pro Shop (256)-740-8828
Parks & Recreation (Park Maintenance) Mark Brewer Parks Maintenance (256)-760-6314
Parks & Recreation (McFarland Camp Ground Office) Sue Whisenant Campground (256)-740-8817
Parks & Recreation (Sports Complex) Randy Burns Athletic Director (Sportsplex) (256)-718-5086
Parks & Recreation (Sports Complex) David Dolan Sportsplex Athletics & Golf (256)-718-5091
Parks & Recreation (Sports Complex) Zach Vinson Sportsplex Athletics (256)-718-5093
Planning and Community Development Melissa Bailey Director (256)-740-8806
Planning and Community Development Lyndsey Borden Assistant Community Development Director (256)-760-6453
Planning and Community Development (256)-740-8806
Planning and Community Development (256)-740-8808
Planning and Community Development Ben Smith Assistant Planning Director (256)-740-8804
Planning and Community Development Skylar Taylor GIS Specialist (256)-740-8807
Police: General Information To Report an Incident (non-emergency) (256)-760-6500
Police: General Information To reach an individual officer (256)-760-6500
Police: General Information Florence Municipal Court (256)-760-6625
Police: General Information Florence/Lauderdale Detention Center (256)-760-5771
Police: General Information Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office (256)-760-5757
Police: General Information Hearing Impaired Link
Police: Administration Ron Tyler Chief (256)-768-2737
Police: Administration Leah Ford Administrative Assistant (256)-768-2737
Police: Administration Mike Holt Deputy Chief (256)-760-6343
Police: Administration Eric Nichols Deputy Chief (256)-760-6343
Police: Administration Alexandria Pruitt Secretary to Deputy Chiefs (256)-760-6343
Police: Criminal Investigations Division Wes Gargis Captain (256)-760-6573
Police: Criminal Investigations Division Jason Fort Lieutenant (256)-760-1340
Police: Criminal Investigations Division Cliff Billingsley Sergeant (256)-760-6527
Police: Criminal Investigations Division Ryan Kelly Sergeant (256)-760-6597
Police: Criminal Investigations Division Kim Higginbotham Secretary (256)-768-2764
Police: Criminal Investigations Division Justin Adams Detective (256)-760-6604
Police: Criminal Investigations Division Caleb Henry Detective (256)-760-6595
Police: Criminal Investigations Division Brandon McCorkle Detective (256)-760-6504
Police: Criminal Investigations Division Joseph Flippo Detective (256)-760-6562
Police: Criminal Investigations Division Josh Hein Detective (256)-760-6583
Police: Criminal Investigations Division Kevin Jackson Detective (256)-760-6557
Police: Criminal Investigations Division Wes Shaddix Detective (256)-760-6465
Police: Criminal Investigations Division Ladrecus Smith Detective (256)-263-8021
Police: Criminal Investigations Division Brian Berry Detective (256)-760-6523
Police: Criminal Investigations Division Robert Oliver Detective (256)-760-6559
Police: Criminal Investigations Division Justin Whitten Detective (256)-760-6578
Police: Training/Special Operations/Administrative Steven Robertson Captain (256)-760-6579
Police: Administrative Division/Community Policing Chris Ticer Lieutenant (256)-760-6614
Police: Administrative Division/Community Policing Dennis Patterson Sergeant (256)-760-6577
Police: Administrative Division/Community Policing Chad Breedwell Community Policing Officer (256)-760-6602
Police: Administrative Division/Community Policing Jerry Pearson Warrants Officer (256)-760-6561
Police: Technical Services Division/Support Brad Holmes Captain: Technical Services (256)-760-6547
Police: Technical Services Division/Support Robbie Talcott Lieutenant (256)-760-6581
Police: Technical Services Division/Support Robbie Howard Sergeant: Technical Services/Fleet Management (256)-760-6612
Police: Office Personnel/Records Division Katherine Davenport Records (256)-768-2729
Police: Office Personnel/Records Division Brittany McDougal Records Supervisor (256)-760-6563
Police: Office Personnel/Records Division Katie Brown Records (256)-768-2729
Police: Office Personnel/Records Division Records (256)-760-1730
Police: Training Mark Senf Lieutenant: Training Coordinator (256)-760-6574
Police: Training Michael South Sergeant: Training (256)-760-6500
Police: Patrol Ira Davis Captain (256)-760-6546
Police: Technical Services Division/Support Tony Gurley Spillman Systems Administrator (256)-760-6556
Purchasing Ben Maharrey Purchasing Agent Director (256)-760-6630
Purchasing Steve Eason Capital Projects Manager (256)-718-5064
Purchasing Leigh Anne Kidd Assistant Purchasing Agent (256)-740-4661
Purchasing Emily Burden General Clerk (256)-760-6629
Solid Waste, Street, & Recycle David Koonce Manager (256)-760-6495
Solid Waste, Street, & Recycle Jennifer Threet Office Coordinator (256)-760-6496
Solid Waste Dale Parrish Facilities Administrator (256)-718-5081
Solid Waste William Watkins Senior Mechanic (256)-718-5082
Solid Waste Josh Kelly Route Supervisor (256)-718-5083
Solid Waste, Street, & Recycle Kathy Waddell Secretary (256)-760-6495
Solid Waste, Street, & Recycle Kelly Balentine Education Outreach (256)-760-6495
Street Department Sheryl Marks Secretary (256)-760-6460
Street Department Deborah Lewis Secretary (256)-760-6461
Street Department Terry Pitman Construction/Maintenance Coordinator (256)-760-6463
Urban Forestry Craig Thompson Manager (256)-718-5027
Water Department Michael Doyle Manager (256)-718-5100
Water Department Will Haddock Supt. Distribution/Collection (256)-760-6671
Water Department Darren Duncan Wastewater Plant Superintendent (256)-718-5120
Water Department Josh Hall GIS Water (256)-718-5118
Water Department Regina Duboise Executive Assistant to the Manager (256)-718-5101
Water Department Ryan Wallace Water Plants Superintendent (256)-718-5104
Water        Andrew              Burns    Inventory Controller (256)-740-8881
Parks & Recreation (Coliseum) Parks & Recreation (Coliseum) Secretary/Coliseum (256)-760-6389
Mayor's Office Rachel Koonce Media Specialist / Outreach Specialist (256)-760-6494
Customer Service-Florence Utilities Sandie Preedom Utilities Customer Service Manager (256)-740-6000
Customer Service-Florence Utilities Pamela Butler Billing Coordinator (256)-740-6029
Florence-Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau Rob Carnegie President & CEO (888)-356-8687
Solid Waste and Recycling Kelly Balentine Education/Outreach (256)-760-6498
Florence Lauderdale Animal Services Cheryl Jones Animal Control Director (256)-760-6676
Information Systems Reagan Boyles Network Administrator (256)-740-6042
Human Resources/Benefit Taylor Bevis Human Resources Clerk II (256)-718-5089
Human Resources/Benefit Melissa Harris Human  Resources Office Assistant (256)-740-6084